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"To be honest I just feel like a regular normal boy like all the others. If this can't be done, what will I live up to? Probably my dream won't come true and if that happened to you, how would you feel if that happened to you as well?" - Anthony McMahon (9), 12 November 2014
"Mummy, why do they want to cut my leg off when they said they would fix it?"

Watch Meridian South West News broadcast, 19/08/09, recording Anthony's historic UK surgery reconstructing his right leg. Prior to this, ALL domestic and national medical opinion proffered cutting his right leg off with prosthesis until a world leading American based surgeon Dr. Dror Paley said he could reconstruct it. On 04 July 2008 he did. We now call it;
"Anthony's Independance Day".
NHS Southampton orthopaedic surgeon Professor Nick Clarke reiterates the journey sold to Anthony's parents before consenting to surgery understanding, time allowing, an attempt reconstructing both hip sat the same time would be undertaken.
To date Anthony still awaits his 2nd half of surgery.
Funding surgery the States of Guernsey Health and Social Services Department refuse to fund the second half of surgery preferring to ONLY fund left leg amputation with prosthesis.

Please FOAT4MyLeg - iN33DU
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